Individual Account

Individual accounts are the personalised pension accounts in which contributions and returns on the investment of contributions are accumulated.

Auxiliary pensions are calculated on the basis of the amounts of contributions and their returns accumulated in the individual accounts. The higher the accumulated capital, the higher the auxiliary pension.

The information in the individual account is shown with a time lag. This is due to the contribution declaration, payment and clearance process. The TEKA contributions are collected by e-EFKA, checked, and transferred to TEKA so that they may be credited to the insured persons’ individual accounts.


  • On a monthly basis, employers submit an Analytical Periodical Declaration (APD) and pay the contributions due by the last business day (for public offices) of the month following the month that the labour or service was provided.
  • The transaction is then checked and cleared.
  • Finally, 2 - 3 months after the end of the month of employment/work, TEKA receives the personalised information on the contributions declared and paid for each person and only then will they appear in people's individual accounts.

For example, January contributions will appear in individual accounts in April, February contributions in May, March contributions in June etc.

A similar process applies for the non salaried persons’ contributions.