| Optional Insurance at TEKA

Insured individuals in the supplementary insurance branch of e-EFKA, as well as employees without the obligation to be enrolled in supplementary insurance, now have the option to get insured at TEKA provided they were born on or after January 1, 1987. Specifically, two platforms have been developed, where employees, depending on their current insurance status and if they meet the age criteria, can apply for their optional enrollment in TEKA.

Insured individuals can visit the website and select the appropriate platform to request either the transition from the supplementary insurance of e-EFKA to TEKA or their optional enrollment in the supplementary insurance of TEKA.


Platform 1 | Transition to TEKA from the supplementary insurance of e-EFKA


This platform is aimed at those who are already employed and insured, either mandatory or voluntary, under the supplementary insurance of e-EFKA.

This electronic service is available until December 31, 2024.


Platform 2 | Optional Enrollment in the supplementary insurance of TEKA

This platform is for non-salaried insured individuals (self-employed healthcare professionals, farmers, freelancers, and individuals who are exempt from mandatory enrollment in the insurance of other supplementary insurance organizations based on special or general provisions). There is no time limit for this specific service as long as the age criteria are met.