Newly Insured Non Salaried Persons


  • Am I eligible for insurance with TEKA?

    If you are a non salaried person liable for auxiliary insurance and you started working in Greece, for the first time, on or after 1.1.2022, or you were born on or after 1.1.2004, then you are subject to TEKA auxiliary insurance. If you started working on or before 31.12.2021, then you are subject to e-EFKA’s auxiliary insurance.

    The non salaried persons who are liable for mandatory auxiliary insurance are: Self-employed lawyers, notaries, persons insured in ex TSMEDE’s main pension branch (engineers and public works contractors), as well as certain categories of professionals (bakers, petrol station owners, private school owners who have teaching responsibilities, chemists and chemical engineers who exercise an occupation related to their field).

    A detailed list of all persons subject to TEKA insurance can be found here.

    Additionally, from 1.1.2023 to 31.12.2024, if you are already insured with e-EFKA’s auxiliary insurance branch and if you were born on or after 1.1.1987, you’ll be given the option to switch auxiliary insurance funds and transfer to TEKA.

  • I have previously worked abroad. Am I eligible for insurance with TEKA?

    If you started working in Greece, for the first time, from 1.1.2022 onwards, then you are compulsorily subject to TEKA insurance even if you have previously worked abroad.

  • Before 01.01.2022 I was insured against the risk of a labour accident for 1% in the context of my internship. Am I eligible for insurance with TEKA?

    In this case you are eligible for TEKA insurance. In other words you are considered a new entrant to the labour market since you had not been insured for pension benefits until 31.12.2021.

  • What process should I follow to register for TEKA insurance?

    You are not required to follow a new, separate process for registering with TEKA. The processes for declaring the start of insurance and registering in e-EFKA suffice. 

  • What are insurance categories?

    If you are non salaried persons, lawyers on a retainer or salaried engineers, you may select among different insurance categories which correspond to different monthly amount payable to each insurance branch.

    This way, insured persons are given the flexibility to choose the rate of contributions they pay, and specifically the rate of contributions for pension branches, depending on their earnings so that they don’t contribute disproportionally when their earnings are low but can save more when their earnings are higher.

    Assignment to one of the insurance categories is mandatory and people may choose their insurance category  through e-EFKA’s electronic services.

    Please note that insurance categories for each insurance branch are selected separately .

    Both mandatorily insured persons and voluntarily insured persons must select an insurance category. The selection process takes place annually.

    Detailed information is available at e-EFKA’s website.

  • Which insurance category should I choose?

    The rate of contributions determines the amount of your future pension. If you have low earnings, a lower category will probably suit you best. As your earnings increase however, it would be wise to opt for a higher category in order to gradually accumulate more capital and therefore a higher pension. 

    The more contributions you pay, the higher the pension you will receive on retirement.

  • I’m an engineer registered in the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) or lawyer registered at the local bar association. Am I liable to pay TEKA contributions?

    Not necessarily. Liability for insurance has been detached from one’s occupation. The main deterring factor for insurance liability is now the declaration of start of operations in the Tax Office.

  • How can I change my contact details in the TEKA Register?

    TEKA sources its information on insured persons from the e-EFKA Register. Therefore, in order to change your contact information you must either contact a Register Department in any e-EFKA Local Office or use e-EFKA’s electronic services.

    Click here for more detailed information about updating your contact details.


  • What is the rate of TEKA contributions?

    The rate of contributions for the new auxiliary insurance remains as is. This means that you are liable for the same contributions whether you are insured with e-EFKA or TEKA.

    Monthly contributions are determined based on the insurance category you have selected.


    Monthly auxiliary
    insurance contribution
    from 1.1.2024







  • How do I pay my TEKA contributions?

    Every month, a separate TEKA contribution payment notice is issued and uploaded at e-EFKA’s electronic services.

    You can make a payment at all banks through the interbankng system (DIAS) by payment order or direct charge to your bank account (standing order). The payment notice includes all the information required to make the payment (amount due, payment order code/standing payment code).

    Please note that the payment of TEKA contributions is done with a separate RF code (TEKA RF) which is different than the e-EFKA RF.

    You will need your personal taxisnet credentials and AMKA number in order to use the e-EFKA online services.

  • What contributions do I pay for social security?

    Non salaried persons pay fixed, monthly amounts for each insurance branch, which vary according to one’s insurance category.

    The mandatory insurance branches for all non salaried persons are: the main pension branch, the health branch as well as the contributions for OAED’s special unemployment account.

    There are special categories of non salaried persons, the largest groups being lawyers and engineers, who are liable for auxiliary insurance and lump sum benefit contributions.

    Finally, other professionals, such as health workers, are liable only for lump sum benefit contributions.

    More information can be found on e-EFKA’s website.

  • How do I select an insurance category?

    If you are liable for auxiliary insurance, you can choose one of three (3) available auxiliary insurance categories when your insurance starts.

    You will be given the option to change your insurance category (either lower or higher) on annual basis which you can do by submitting an electronic request.

    You may submit the request within the year but it will take effect on the 1st of January of the following year. If you don’t submit a request you will remain in the same category as the year before.


  • What is the due date for the payment of contributions?

    A payment is considered timely if it is made until the last business day of the month following the month of employment. For example, February 2022 contributions are due by the 31st of March 2022.

    Attention! Failure to pay within the designated timeframe shall ensue additional charges commencing the day after the due date.

  • How can I get an Insurance Clearance Certificate?

    There is only one, single Insurance Clearance Certificate and it is issued by e-EFKA. In order to obtain insurance clearance you must me up to date with all your payments to TEKA and you must have paid/settled all debts to e-EFKA.

  • I’m a lawyer. Are payment notes offset against my contributions?

    The amounts paid using payment notes are not offset against TEKA contributions.  

  • Why aren’t payment notes offset against TEKA contributions?

    The contributions lawyers pay to TEKA have a unique feature that does not apply to e-EFKA contributions. Their payment is linked to the direct crediting of lawyers’ individual accounts and the individual accounts cannot be credited without a payment transaction. For this reason, contributions can’t be offset against the payment notes.

Auxiliary Pension

  • I have questions, who should I contact?

    For information on TEKA auxiliary insurance contact the Citizen Service Call Centre via phone at 1555 or visit the website at