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Taking your first steps into the labour market?
Welcome to TEKA!

TEKA provides state auxiliary pensions to new entrants to the labour market as of 01.01.2022, who are subject to auxiliary insurance.

An auxiliary pension complements the main pension and is “built” by saving part of the salary in the form of contributions.

Social security contributions therefore are people’s pension savings!

It is a personal capital that will be available to you when you will no longer be able to work and it is guaranteed by the State.

Who is eligible

Are you over 35 and already insured?

Over 35


The new Hellenic Auxiliary Pensions Defined Contributions Fund has ultimate responsibility for the management and investment of the contributions

  • TEKA is a Legal Body Governed by Public Law and is part of the social security system.
  • Contributions are managed transparently, professionally and responsibly.
  • Accountability is ensured by a robust array of internal and external controls.

The more you save, the higher your pension will be.

TEKA’s auxiliary pension system is based on saving contributions in personal accounts. The exact amount of contributions is credited to your individual account and you can monitor its progress, in real time, from your PC or mobile phone through myTEKA.


The Fund’s investment operations will develop in three periods.

First Development Period
Second Development Period
Third Development Period