Citizen Service line 1555 

For information on TEKA auxiliary insurance contact the Citizen Service Call Centre via phone at 1555 or visit the website

Contact e-EFKA if you need to:

  • Update your information on the Register (e.g. new address, phone, e-mail, bank account)
  • Select or change your preferred insurance category for auxiliary insurance
  • Declare the start of operations / termination of operations / register 
  • Address issues in regards to the amount of your contributions or other issues pertaining to the TEKA contribution payment notices
  • Address issues in regards to the amount of contributions due, insurance time, and other information stated in the APD submitted by one or more of your employers.

Contact TEKA if you need to:

  • Seek clarifications on whether you are subject to TEKA or e-EFKA auxiliary insurance.
  • Address issues in regards to payments made by either yourself or your employer
  • Address issues in regards to TEKA arrears
  • Select a different pension product to invest your contributions
  • Seek information or clarifications in relation to the investment of your contributions 
  • Enquire about issues in relation to establishing a pension right.
  • Claim a pension
  • Address issues in regards to your pension

TEKA offices

TEKA is located at 9 Amerikis street, Athens. Transactions with the public are not carried out at the headquarters of TEKA; all services are offered exclusively digitally.