Optional insurance

Persons already insured with e-EFKA’s auxiliary insurance.

From 1.1.2023 to 31.12.2023, persons already insured with e-EFKA’s auxiliary insurance who are under the age of 35 (date of birth from 1.1.1987) may opt to transfer to TEKA. In this case, pension benefits shall be calculated based on insurance time in TEKA as well as in any other previous auxiliary insurance funds.

Persons with the option to voluntarily insure with an insurance Fund.

As of 1.1.2023, self-employed health professionals, persons exercising an occupation subject to the insurance of ex OGA, as well as persons exempt from mandatory insurance in other auxiliary insurance Funds on the basis of a special or general provision, may opt to be insured with TEKA provided they have not attained the age of 35 at the time they submit their request. 

The amount of the pension benefit shall be calculated separately for the total insurance time in each fund. This means that a person who was previously insured with e-EFKA’s auxiliary insurance and opted to switch to the new Fund, shall collect the appropriate amount from both funds in the form of monthly auxiliary pension.