Social Security Basics

We, TEKA, commit to the sound and responsible management of contributions. Our main aim is to maintain a sustainable and adequate system that will ensure the highest possible pensions. 

TEKA's operation is characterised by transparency. Contributions are credited to individual savings accounts and insured persons can monitor the progress of their savings from their phone or computer.

The accounts are managed by specialised professionals. Insured persons can participate in the management of their contributions by choosing from a small number of appropriate differentiated risk products, depending on their personal financial planning.

However, making the right choice requires an understanding of the social contract of work: what are the key characteristics of the social security system, how are contributions determined and what is their rate, how are pension benefits determined and what is their rate.

Because informed citizens can make better decisions and control more effectively. 

Since TEKA's services are aimed at people at the beginning of their career (either as salaried or non salaried and self-employed persons), we introduce the Short Lessons on Social Security section, to explain the workings of TEKA and the Social Security system.